New sections added to Ye Olde Basket Case

In an effort to provide more information and reference material I’ve added three new sections to the site.

I’ve added a bibliography. A majority of the books I will list are in my personal collection. Many are out of print but well worth searching out at your local library, through inter-library loan or even from the myriad online booksellers who may have a copy on hand at a reasonable price.

The second section I’ve begun to work on is a lexicon -- definitions and descriptions of as many things as I can think of that are related to the fine crafts I do. The lexicon still needs a great deal of work as I’ve run out of time today to do my general searches, type up definitions or descriptions and get them put together on that page. More will come as I have time to gather the content and update those.

The third is a reference page with links to “Places of Craft”. Or rather, those places you can still find fine crafts for purchase or on display for your personal edification about a particular type of work.