May 2007

Identifying Types of Lace

I hope to begin a page about identifying different types of lace and add it to the site sometime soon. It never ceases to amaze me the number of mis-identified items that show up on eBay or in flea markets and antique shops. There are a few very good books on the subject but, given the capabilities of the digital age, we can show much better pictures to tie with descriptions now. That should make it a whole lot clearer just what you're looking at when you pick up a doily or dresser scarf in your favorite antique shop the next time you're there.

Some great videos finding their way onto the net

I belong to a very nice email group of broom makers. They're a wonderful resource for things historical, tips on making a broom, where to get supplies. In addition, they have become a great source for pointing out some really cool videos that are making their way onto YouTube featuring broom makers. I need to track the videos down and then I'll be sure to put some links here to the best ones I've watched so far.

Welcome to Ye Olde Blog

As time permits I will be adding information here about the various fine crafts I've been making and collecting for years.