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Wheat Weaving : An Ancient Craft

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For as long as people have been growing grain, they have created designs with the stalks and heads. In England, where grain is known as corn, these figures are called Corn Dollies.

I'm currently using golden, blackbeard and blackberry wheat as well as some rye (though I no longer have a good source for rye so I've not pictured anything in rye here).


large wheat weaving - King Arthur's Wain
King Arthur's Wain. This is on a 12" hoop. The wheat is a lovely variety called Blackberry wheat.

Special Order Only

double heart wheat weaving
Double Mordiford Heart made with golden bearded wheat.


welsh fan wheat weaving
Welsh Fan with golden bearded wheat.


single heart wheat weaving
Single heart using the "compass weave".




Blackbeard's Wheat - a great supplier!


St. Brigid's Cross - wheat straw
St. Brigid's Cross.




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